The group

The MCK Enterprises Group was founded in 2003, being the continuation of the successful
business of Emmanuel Kopelouzos.

Our Group, the multi-family business experience combined harmoniously with the dynamic
new generation of management to provide innovative, complete and reliable solutions and

With operations in five areas of business development, the Group covers a wide range of
solutions and products offered.

The strong production activity, cooperation within the Group, reliable partnerships and
representations are the basis to propose effective applications and achieve economies of

Our companies

The activities’ sectors of our companies cover a wide range of products and applications.

The MCK Group is constantly evolving, based on new needs arising globally, by investing
in new technologies and innovative applications, thus offering to the community, the
economy, the environment.


The MCK Group’s growth strategy is based
on four cornerstones, our values. Based on these
we go, we evolve, we attempt. Human resources,
specialisation, quality of products and services
and finally, our customer’s satisfaction.

The History

The Business Group MCK, founded by Mr. Emmanuel Kopelouzos intended to continue the
business of the family of the younger generation and to expand into new areas.

In the long career of the founder, worked on the implementation of remarkable energy and
construction projects for public and private sector, the representation of foreign companies
in the energy and transport sectors, but also with the establishment in the ’90s , the joint
Russian-Greek company Prometheus Gas SA in co-operation with the Russian Gazprom.

MCK Group is a flexible organization that has accumulated experience and modern
technology in order to propose reliable solutions to a wide range of businesses in the private
and public sectors.

Our vision

Our vision is for the Group to dominate the domestic and international market as a business
force of completely satisfied customers, employees and shareholders.

To make our vision a reality, we are trying by all means to achieve the goals we have set as a
basis for our development:
• To offer reliable and innovative products with emphasis on Research and Development.

• Shape the ideal working environment for workers, a model of organization, co-operation
and personal development for each partner.
• To contribute to the strengthening of the Greek economy.
• To enhance the healthy entrepreneurial spirit.
• To create a fertile business ground for new generations, with respect to market conditions,
humans and the environment.